Safety and Health

Zero accidents and a healthy workplace

Occupational safety and health is closely intertwined with our business operations and established behaviour. It concerns everyone at KANSAI HELIOS, from top managers to employees, as well as our suppliers. We strive to reach Vision Zero when it comes to accidents, illness and harm at work. Under the initiative Hero for Zero we are increasing OSH activities and encouraging employees to take an active role in ensuring their own safety and health, as well that of others.

With workplace activities and programs, we take care of our employees’ well-being and raise awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

For KANSAI HELIOS keeping people and the environment safe and healthy (ESH) is of utmost importance.

Sustainable research and innovation

Research and innovation are central to KANSAI HELIOS’s ambition to create value for our customers while making a positive impact on the environment. Our researchers develop new solutions that ensure a reduction of environmental, safety and health risks as well increase the features of our coatings. Our research focuses on the development of water-borne coatings, ultra-high solid coatings, various functional coatings, coatings and polymers in which raw materials are from renewable sources, as well low-VOC technologies.

Compliance with legislation and standards

When developing new products and solutions, we follow the strictest environmental legislation and standards. Our best-equipped laboratories and high environmental standards at production sites, and our substantial investments in health, safety and the environment, are the levers that make our progress sustainable.

Most of our sites have been recognised for their environmental efforts with the certificate ISO 14001:2015. Responsible Care® certificate has been awarded to Helios TBLUS, Belinka Belles and Rembrandtin Lack.

Individual sites are also certificated in accordance with EMAS and ISO 45001:2018/OHSAS 18001.