In early February, the Voted Product of the Year 2019 award ceremony for new, improved, modified and innovative products took place in Slovenia. Each category winner was chosen by consumers themselves. 23 companies in 32 categories were awarded.

We are extremely proud that our new interior wall paint SPEKTRA Active Air was among the winners. It won the flattering title of Voted Product of the Year 2019 in the category of innovative interior wall paints. The Voted Product of the Year is a well-known recognition of quality by consumers, which will help us to write a new success story of launching a new product on the market in the segment of architectural coatings.

Cornelia Camondo, Marketing Director HELIOS on the award ceremony Voted Product of the Year 2019

David Kubala, CEO of the HELIOS:

“We are delighted that our new wall paint SPEKTRA Active Air was named Voted Product of the Year 2019 for the best innovation in interior wall paints category. The product was developed in line with the direction of the HELIOS, which focuses on the development of innovative, high-quality and functional coatings, and follows the strictest environmental standards and trends. The interior wall paint SPEKTRA Active Air is a novelty on the Slovenian market, as it absorbs the harmful formaldehyde found in closed spaces, and transforms it into harmless water vapor. Owing to its exceptional air purification technology, SPEKTRA Active Air is especially suitable for bleaching walls in children’s rooms, kindergartens, schools, health facilities and elderly care homes.  We are proud to offer our customers quality solutions that help us improve their quality of living.”

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