Helios production is influenced by an awareness of the importance of healthy and clean environment. Paints and coating formulations are changing, and components harmful to environment are being replaced in all products with those that are acceptable to people and environment. One of our greatest aims is also to reduce all sort of resources that are needed for the production and application of coatings.

When developing new products, we follow the most rigorous ecological standards and recommendations. The products are produced on the basis of water-thinnable binders, marked with a graphic symbol of a fish, encircled by the inscription “environmentally friendly”.

A lot of people are sensitive to organic solvents, especially children, the elderly and patients, therefore water-based coatings are made with a special thought of that people. The advantages of water-based coatings are that no harmful vapours are released when drying, additional ventilation is not required, they dry quickly and with no unpleasant odour.

Helios development of new products always comply with the most strict ecological standards and recommendations. Our best-equipped laboratories and high environmental standards in production sites and substantial investments in health, safety and environment are the levers that make our progress sustainable.


Safe play for our youngest ones

When talking about painting objects which children come into contact with – toys, cribs, etc. – the correct choice of paint is all the more important. Our youngest ones are especially sensitive, so Helios dedicated particular attention also to products and formula in such a manner that it is chemically harmless after consolidation, and suitable for frequent contact with our little ones. Their adequacy is confirmed with a certificate from the Health Insurance Institute of Maribor – Environmental Protection Institute.