Tackling a major problem of photovoltaic plants: Repairing microcracks with coatings

Renewable energy systems need products from the chemical industry to fulfil their function in the long term. Special coatings protect systems from the most extreme environmental influences and ensure longer durability. These modern surface technologies protect solar modules from premature damage. They prevent or delay the development of microcracks and can repair cracked films. Thus, they contribute to a longer lifetime of the photovoltaic plant. By now, they can even repair damage, as illustrated by the example of repair coatings for photovoltaic module backsheets.

Easy repair process taking just a few minutes

Rembrandtin’s Remisol photovoltaic backsheet repair coatings were developed for the effective repair of deep cracks on PV-modules and the filling and repair of microcracks. Thus, the system prolongs the life span of the photovoltaic plant and maintains a safe operation. It matches the demands of PV line operators and even restores electrical insulation properties of backsheets with deep cracks and completely collapsed insulation. The easy and efficient repair process can be performed in-house on dismounted PV-modules or directly at the site with a brush, spatula or spray. The application only takes a few minutes per module.

A rewarded coating technology

On March 31, 2022, the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT) awarded the “ÖGUT Umweltpreis” to the best sustainability projects. The performance and applicability of the coating structure was evaluated and tested in the course of the PV Re2 project. The project consortium was composed of national experts in the field of photovoltaic and coating systems: OFI, PCCL Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH, SAL, Montanuniversität Leoben, ENcome Energy Performance GmbH, KIOTO Photovoltaics GmbH, VDE Renewables GmbH and Rembrandtin Coatings GmbH.

The main prize in the category “Mit Forschung und Innovation zur Kreislaufwirtschaft“ went to this new solution from Rembrandtin. According to the ÖGUT jury, this product “makes a significant contribution to increasing confidence in PV technology” and “[…] can help Austrian companies, such as Rembrandtin Coatings GmbH and Kioto as well as research institutions involved in the PV Re2 project, such as the consortium partners PCCL, OFI, MUL and SAL, to take a leading role in PV-module technology, strengthen their international competitiveness and further expand the renewable energy sector.