This year, for the first time, the Mobihel Calendar 2017 is an outcome of real passion and love for cars. The calendar was made by friends of Mobihel, enthusiasts and owners of rare vintage cars. They participated on the project for the same reason – just because they love it and they are fully committed to what Mobihel stands for. The result is 12 months of amazing views, hot girls and cars, that take you on an ultimate roadtrip every time you watch it.

Photo: Marko Delbello Ocepek

Hard work, but a hell of fun!

The truth is, that beside passion and love for cars, it takes much more to create such a powerful artwork, like the Mobihel Calendar. It is all about a good idea, concept and perfect organization, it is about a good photographer and excellent teamwork of the whole crew, it is about many weeks of preparation and finetuning, while having the endresult always in mind. For the 2017 edition the motto is “Your ultimate Calendar Roadtrip”, which additionally required special weather conditions, as it was an outdoor photoshooting. The production of this Mobihel Calendar edition was the largest we ever made – 19 people on the set, a convoy of 8 cars and 4 different shooting locations in only two days.

Cornelia Camondo, Marketing Director Helios Group and project leader of the Mobihel Calendar stressed:

“The Mobihel Calendar is a project with enthusiasts and for enthusiasts, who share the same passion as Mobihel does. That’s why the greatest challenge is always, to on the one hand create an unforgetable experience for the voluntary participating enthusiasts and on the other hand creating extraordinary pictures that require high performance at every minute on the set.”


2017 the Mobihel Calendar is not just a calendar anymore.

The Mobihel Calendar 2017 is following a different concept and purpose. It is the entry ticket to a network, that offers a wealth of benefits and positive experiences for our customers working with Mobihel. Registered painters start their membership with exclusive Backstage Material of the Mobihel Calendar Making-of.

Enjoy the ride!

Click on the link bellow to enjoy 12 months of exciting views, hot girls and cars.