Using green material for a brighter future

Using bio-based raw materials, collecting and reusing waste from production, and reusing recycled materials are just a few among our many sustainable actions towards a greener future, which we are implementing to minimize the negative impact of product production on the environment.

Our investments today are already focused on the reduction of energy consumption and waste during the production processes. We are collecting waste solvents from production and reusing them with special distillation procedures, while continuously increasing these capacities. Many production sites are already using electricity from renewable sources. The first solar power plant was recently launched in Slovenia, which is a major step towards a sustainable production and a reduction of carbon footprint.

In the road markings segment, we are partly using resins produced from recycled plastic. Further considerations include utilizing recycled plastic in plastic packaging for HELIOS’s final products. These are just a few examples of responsible actions today, which show how versatile the opportunities in the coatings industry are.

Reducing carbon footprint is one of our main objectives.

From a purchasing perspective, the most important influence is seen in the cooperation with suppliers and the supply of raw materials. A good representation is the Perstorp company. Their regular supply of pro-environment polyols for our resin production has significantly lowered the company’s CO2 emissions compared to the standard materials we purchase.

All steps we are taking towards a greener production through environment-conscious and future-oriented sustainable actions will make the paints and coatings last longer and work smarter, which will contribute to a greener planet for many generations to come.