Helios Decorative

Solution for all surfaces
Arrange your world as you like it, with lively colours that bring joy and inspiration into your home. Helios brand, being the largest Deco brand in KANSAI HELIOS Group, offers a wide assortment of coatings for protection and decoration of various surfaces. We show loyalty to our customers through continuous technological upgrades and consistent efforts for the achievement of high quality coatings.


All for wood
Belinka is engaged in the protection of wood for nearly 50 years, by developing new and improved agents to protect and enhance the appearance of wood. Our experts develop and follow world trends in the field of coatings, and acquire ingredients which improve the quality of Belinka products which are intended mainly for end users. Thus, in its decades of operation, Belinka has become a synonym for wood protection.


Over 180 years of tradition
Whatever your home might need, Color takes care that your favourite objects get quality protection at a reasonable price. For over six generations now, the values of the brand remain quality, reliability and usability. It is the loyalty of our customers that maintaned the value of Color brand until today and making it the synonym for the quality that anybody can afford.


Optimal combination of price and quality
Miks brand offers wide range of coatings, produced and mainly sold in Ukraine, for decoration and protection of all types of surfaces. The high professionalism of the staff ensures a high and consistent quality of Miks products that will satisfy the most demanding customer.


Only in best quality
Chromos, with it's wide assortment of parquet lacquers, interior wall paints, facade paints and plasters, wood and metal paints and varnishes, building materials, covers the widest needs of the market. The wide range and years of tradition provide the synergy in development and security in it's offer. "The goods will be produced only in best quality", said the founder of today's Chromos paints and varnishes d.d. far in 1920.


Up-to-date, easy to understand, clean
The new ZVEZDA brand was created by combining the best two brands with a long tradition, recognizable quality and a significant market position, ZVEZDA and DUGA. ZVEZDA consists of eight sub-brands for different application areas: Durlin, Nitro, Dekorin, Lignoluks, Zvezdapol, Fasakril, Betakol, Palas.

Zorka Color

Zorka Color has a long tradition in domestic serbian market, but also in surrounding markets as a high-quality and recognizable brand for paints and coatings. With its sub-brands, Zorka Color offers a comprehensive and valued portfolio for professionals and end customers.


In our industrial coatings segment KANSAI HELIOS stands for premium industrial coatings for all industrial segments, such as ACE, railway vehicles, ceramics, electric cases, hydraulics or steel construction. KANSAI HELIOS is a system supplier, who offers perfectly aligned coating solutions: liquid coatings, powder coatings, gelcoats, e-coats, adhesives and sealants.


Tradition, Quality and Innovation
Rembrandtin brand has been standing for innovation and tradition for decades. Today the product assortment of Rembrandtin includes market leading environmentally friendly core plate varnishes as well as road marking materials for maximum traffic safety, sustainability and efficiency.


Welcome to the future of powder
CWS powder coatings stand for innovation, efficiency and know-how “made in Germany”. It´s tailor-made powder coating solutions are precisely matched to the requirements and plant parameters of industrial consumers. Proven standard powder coatings for interior and exterior or solutions with specific characteristics such as anti-graffiti or high corrosion resistance are just as much a part of the assortment.

Fritze Lacke

Fritze Lacke has a very strong brand recognition in Austria since 1876. The brand stands for high-quality paints and coatings – especially for professional users.


Mobihel wants to move above average and beyond expected to create genuine emotions, adding colour and flair to the life of every car enthusiast. As an established car refinish brand, Mobihel delivers reliable products and solutions that the painters can use to repair, improve and recreate, but even more, Mobihel is pushing forward to amaze the most devoted and attached car fans.


The revolutionary refinish concept that changed the industry. JustWYN is the winning system for you offering very low initial investment, full colour range availability, improvement of your cash flow, fresh paint, better colour performance and much more.


GRAVIHEL brand presents a highly professional binder mixing system for small crafts. Product portfolio provides the customers with high flexibility and quick responsiveness with optimal stock level and very low initial investment costs for the mixing equipment and colouristic identification tools.


The COLOMIX product range consists of easy to use and reliable products for fair price. These products have a long tradition and a lot of long term, loyal customers.