For people in KANSAI HELIOS innovation means doing things in a new, better way. Therefore innovations are not always presented to the markets as new products and services, but can be also found everywhere inside the group, in production and R&D facilities and within the processes. Though the innovations of products that answer to our customers’ needs are the ones that we are most proud of.

KANSAI HELIOS Group holds one of the best-equipped R&D laboratories in the world. That serves to our objective to design and develop new coatings and solutions, which represent the future of this industry. In our R&D departments, coatings are getting smarter, economical and endurable. Our developers are pushing the limits to create coatings that spare resources and energy and need les layers.

Every day, coatings get new features and advantages while protecting all sorts of materials against abrasion, high heat, electromagnetic radiation, insects, water, UV… However, we never forget that beside all this functionalities, coating always need to stay colourful and simply – beautiful.