Our R&D, sales and marketing departments demonstrated their excellent collaboration and achievements by designing innovative solution Helios One. Helios One, a new generation of single-layer coatings for the industrial protection of metals is a complete, innovative product, also unique because of the accompanying customer support and tools which ease the transition from double-layer to single-layer systems.

Helios One includes four technologically advanced and ecologically favorable coatings, which fulfill the demands of the European legislation about the lowering of VOC with its low content of diluents. It is appropriate for numerous target segments, from agricultural and construction mechanization, commercial vehicles, containers and machines to the less demanding industrial products and castings.

The new formulation eliminates the deficiencies of previous generations of single-layer coatings, particularly the poor covering of edges and other details. Helios One innovation was awarded with silver innovation certificate from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.