Helios new water-thinnable two-part epoxy primer demonstrates a breakthrough innovation with its anti-corrosive, mechanical, and applicative features.  The coating’s primary advantage is in its excellent protection against corrosion, lasting more than 1,500 hours in a salt and humidity chamber with no defects, as well as in its comparable thinness for an organic coat.

Machines_industry_colorIt is ideal for the application on the surfaces that have not been perfectly prepared, even on poorly greased surfaces, with just a slight reduction in anti-corrosiveness, features that distinguish it from primers of previous generations. The new material also outperforms all existing solutions in its application: it is less sensitive to climatic conditions during application, while at the same time providing an incredibly smooth finish, making it easy to apply the top coat.

The heart of the innovation represents the nano aqueous dispersion of an amine hardener in combination with a thinnable epoxy binder. The coating’s mechanical properties exceed the requirements for those metal products that endure the most mechanical burden, such as farm and construction equipment. For all its advantages, the primer was selected as one of the best innovations at the 9th Slovenian Innovation Forum.