Sol-Gel Printing Inks for Digital Printing on Coil

Helios’s new sol-gel printing inks are the latest innovation in single-pass digital printing on coil. Patented by Helios Group worldwide, the environmentally friendly inks show good outdoor durability and excellent mechanical properties. Based on the same pigmentation as conventional coil coatings, they ensure good weather resistance and are used in many application fields, e.g., architecture.

The continuous, automated process for coating metal before fabrication into the final product, enables to print photos, computer graphics and samples directly onto steel or aluminium sheets. Fastness, cheapness, flexibility, and high quality justify its demand in the metal industry. The specific coil coating printing system, consisting of a polyester primer, a sol-gel ink and a HD PE clear coat, allows easy passage through the printing machine for the highest productivity level.

Any single pattern can be printed once or repeatedly and in any length. With a nominal resolution of the print heads of 360 dpi or 720 dpi with 8 grey levels, corresponding to about 1080 or 2160 dpi optical resolution, the picture is in HD resolution.

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