Helios coating for the protection of electronic circuits sets the industry standards. This coating is the result of R&D conducted as part of the European BONACO project, co-financed through public funds within the MNT-ERA.NET program. Even at this level of development, it was proclaimed a success, while the finished product is currently setting the bar in its segment.

Coatings_for_electric_circuitsThe coating has earned praise and validation from leading manufactures of equipment for protecting circuits with sprayed coatings. This gives customers a simple and affordable way to improve their protection systems. This method of protecting electric circuits in household appliances is already patent-pending.

The coating is based on a highly resistant flouropolymer binder and in situ formed lamellar nanoparticles, which in combination provide very high barrier corrosion protection, insulation, transparency, and resistance to chemicals.

This and its precisely optimized surface tension and rheological properties allow it to bind well on heterogeneous substrates, including the most varied components of electrical circuits.