KANSAI HELIOS to acquire Global Industrial Coatings Manufacturer WEILBURGER Coatings

On February 9, 2024, KANSAI HELIOS signed a share purchase agreement with GREBE Holding in Weilburg, Germany to acquire its entire industrial coatings business (“WEILBURGER Coatings”). WEILBURGER Coatings consists of 100% of WEILBURGER Coatings GmbH in Weilburg, Germany and 100% of WEILBURGER Asia Limited in Hong Kong, China, which, after fulfillment of closing conditions, become a part of KANSAI HELIOS. WEILBURGER Coatings is a well-known industrial coatings producer, especially in the fields of non-stick, high temperature, railway and other industrial specialty coatings. It was founded in 1900 at its current headquarters in Weilburg and has group companies in Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, USA, Brazil, India and China. This consolidation represents an important step to further strengthen KANSAI HELIOS’ market positions in various industrial coatings segments and expand its geographical footprint internationally.

WEILBURGER Coatings is a well-established, family-owned group of companies that can look back on over 120 years of tradition and has developed globally. With about 600 employees at 7 production sites and several trading offices, the company has achieved global success.

The company group has grown well-known brands such as GREBLON®, senorail® and senotherm®. With a turnover of around 150 million Euro, WEILBURGER Coatings is known for its outstanding performance in the field of non-stick coatings, high temperature coatings, railway coatings and specialty coatings.

KANSAI HELIOS, as part of KANSAI PAINT, ranks among major global market players. High standards, extensive know-how, passion for innovation and the drive for continuous improvement form the environment, where KANSAI HELIOS smart coatings are born. Looking back on more than 170 years of history and tradition, the company group today designs, produces and distributes industrial coatings solutions, chemicals for bleaching and cleaning, materials for sticking and sealing, high-quality resins, architectural paints and refinishing coatings throughout Europe and beyond.

The industrial coatings segment with all its sub-segments is an important pillar at KANSAI HELIOS. The acquisition of WEILBURGER Coatings will enable KANSAI HELIOS to significantly expand its strategic position as a system supplier and manufacturer of industrial coatings, and furthermore to gain additional expertise, distribution channels, production and storage capacities.


Bastian Krauss, Executive Vice President and Executive Director of the KANSAI HELIOS Group, states:

“This strategic move is a testament to our commitment to innovation and growth and represents the alignment of shared values and a commitment to excellence. The acquisition of WEILBURGER Coatings brings with it extensive know-how, expanded production capacity and a team of experts, further strengthening our position as an industry leader. In addition, the integration gives us access to an expanded network of distribution channels and opens up new ways of reaching customers. This milestone underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our stakeholders and marks a significant step forward on our path to sustainable growth and success.”

The CEO of WEILBURGER Coatings, Mr. Frank Gläser states:

“Being future part of KANSAI HELIOS will be a perfect strategic fit for the WEILBURGER companies. Having built a long and successful growth history for more than 120 years and being very well known as an innovative and trustful coatings provider around the globe, this decision will offer an exciting synergetic value while keeping our identity. We are really inspired and confident having taken the right and sustainable decision for a continued success and the combination with a large corporate group will accelerate our growth objectives while providing even greater value to our customers.”