Powder Coatings

Adding new perception for coatings of the future

Powder coatings produced at KANSAI HELIOS Group represent one the most perspective programs and open up a completely new perception for functional coatings of the future. They are highly resistant to strokes, abrasion, chemicals and have good corrosion characteristics. On the top of that they are eco-friendly with no organic solvents. They make a perfect solution for every application and their importance in numerous industries is rising every year.

Solutions for your problem

The success of powder coatings at KANSAI HELIOS Group has been driven forward by continuous innovations, improved formulations, know-how and advanced technology, so today we offer specialized coating systems for a wide field of application.

KANSAI HELIOS Group is producing powders for all product categories. We grow our market position through standardized, tailor-made and efficient solutions with a great product understanding and outstanding technical support.

Different functionalities

Depending on the application our modern powder coatings can have almost endless numbers of functionality variations. They can be resistant to chemicals, anti-bacterial, anti-graffiti, conductive, thin-layered, non-slip, textured, metallic, pearlescent and so on.

If you want to add functions to your surfaces and find out more about powder coatings, please visit:
helios-industrialcoatings.com, www.helios-coatings.dewww.ecopolifix.it or www.zvezda-helios.rs.

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