Helios Refinish

The refinish business is one of the largest and strategically most important fields of the KANSAI HELIOS Group. We continuously invest in research and development to make sure that our product range is enriched with new products that closely follow the wishes and requirements of our customers.

As one of industry’s leading players, we are developing concrete colour competence with new colour formulations every year and we are consistently improving our colour tools and support.

We are aware that, besides excellent products and colours, success in our industry means a thorough transfer of competencies and know-how right to the point of use. That is why we have developed a detailed and complete training program to match all the needs of competences for the body shop activities.

Helios Refinish is an umbrella brand for all of our established and new coming refinish brands. The most well-known Mobihel and Colomix are the leading brands in refinish segment as well as GraviHEL as a small crafts brand. Find out more about Helios Refinish at www.helios-refinish.com.


We share the same passion, the love for cars and respect for people. Cars may come in millions and are embedded in our everyday routine, but to so many of you and to us, they are much more. Mobihel is proud to be a loyal partner to all painters who live and breathe for that perfect finish. We have great admiration and gratitude for their work and skills. It allows Mobihel to deliver reliable products and solutions that the painters can use to repair, improve and recreate. To bring back the beauty, to push forward and to amaze the most devoted and attached car fans.

At Mobihel we want to move above average and beyond expected to create genuine emotions, adding colour and flair to the life of every car enthusiast. Please visit www.mobihel-refinish.com to find out more.


Colomix is the economical refinish solution. With simplicity, affordability and backed by user-friendly system, Colomix helps Refinishers stay productive and profitable. Colomix offers a complete range of products for all the refinish processes and repair steps. The central piece of the product range is a versatile solvent based Base + Binder mixing system – designed and developed to satisfy different requirements as well as different uses when repainting the car. Find out more about Colomix brand at http://www.colomix-refinish.com/.


GraviHEL is a highly professional binder mixing system for small crafts. It consists of 23 universal pastes (3 aluminium ones) and currently 15 different binders. The system enables customers to mix more than 8350 shades in all qualities (RAL, RAL design, NCS, Afnor, British Standard and commercial vehicles (Mobifleet) formulations).

Product portfolio provides the customers with high flexibility and quick responsiveness with optimal stock level and very low initial investment costs for the mixing equipment and colouristic identification tools. GraviHEL products are distinguished by an excellent hiding power, GraviHEL pastes are highly concentrated (enabling also the mixing ratios of 90:10 with 1K and 85:15 with 2K topcoats).  GraviHEL binders are filled in prefilled pales of 5 and 20 liters with fixed volume. This enables the customers to use different ratio of binders and pastes and therefore ideally adjust it to their needs and budget as well as ensuring the optimal quality/price ratio. Pre-filled binders enable quick and easy preparation of the most frequently ordered sales volumes (5 and 20 liters).

We have combined our experience in colouristic in the car refinish industry and prepared an extensive colouristic documentation consisting of colour cards and poster with colour characteristics, complemented by Colour Finder and Colour Cube spectrophotometers. Check out our website www.gravihel-helios.com.


JustWYN is the revolutionary refinish concept that changed the industry. It is the winning system for you, offering very low initial investment, full colour range availability, improvement of your cash flow, fresh paint, better colour performance and much more. To check all 10 benefits you get from using the JustWYN concept please visit www.justwyn-refinish.com. Try the new 360° innovative concept for efficient & profit oriented body shops.