Helios Refinish passionately stepped into the spring, even more determined to offer our customer improved and reliable products and solutions, for the cars we all love. We are well aware that besides excellent products and colors, success in our industry means a thorough transfer of competencies and know-how right to the point of use.

That is why we are very proud on our detailed and complete training program that covers all competences which are a must in the body shop activities. Last year our refinish experts trained more than 300 painters, colorists, bodyshop managers, distributors and potential clients about the surface preparation, painting, coloristics and other refinish competences from all around the Europe. This spring has been even more colourful since we already exceeded the number of participants for almost three times, compared with the same period in the last year. This shows that our customers recognised the importance of additional activities and the support that comes together with our renowned products.

Helios Refinish App

To bring our brands closer to all car lovers, you can now find out more about Helios Refinish also on your mobile device. Helios Refinish App is a simple way to scroll through Mobihel, S.M.A.R.T, Gravihel and Colomix catalogues and to find all needed information about products and their technical characteristics as well as repair systems and useful tips. You can find Helios Refinish App on Google Play store or on Apple App store.

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