“Protect values – safeguard the future“- for Rembrandtin this is not only a meaningful statement on paper but an implemented company policy. The internationally operating coatings producer, which is part of the Helios Group has been counting on environment protection and sustainability for decades. These values are embraced by all business areas: from the production of environmentally compatible coatings to energy-efficient lighting at the Vienna site. The latter is part of a showcase project implemented in 2016 at the company headquarters in Vienna which saves 17,000 kilowatt hours of energy annually and won an award within the framework of the “klimaaktiv” programme of the Federal Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry in Austria.

Over 17,000 kWh energy savings annually

In January 2016, 120 conventional lights were replaced with modern LED lights, and the total number of lights could be reduced by five. Due to the new energy-efficient lighting, the coatings specialist saves about 17,200 kilowatt hours of electric power per year. This project is just one of many environmental activities of the company. In addition to the production of environmentally sound coatings such as high solids technologies and waterborne coatings, Rembrandtin has always been focusing on energy-saving processes and shows active commitment to environmental compatibility and sustainability. The company values in the areas of economics, ecology, and social responsibility are laid down in the official Environment Declaration of Rembrandtin. With its latest project, the company joins the list of the top 50 most energy-efficient businesses in Austria.

klimaaktiv Certificate for Rembrandtin

On the occasion of the energy-efficiency conference in Vienna on 29 November 2017, Austrian Federal Minister Rupprechter honoured those companies which agreed to voluntarily lower their energy consumption thus assuming a pioneering role in climate protection. Rembrandtin is one of 48 honored businesses. This energy efficiency certificate is one of many awards Rembrandtin received in the course of its existence for its commitment to environment protection. Among other things, the company was the first Austrian company to be honored with the European Responsible Care Award for “outstanding contributions to the environment, a healthy future, or the responsibility towards other people” in 2012. One year earlier, Rembrandtin received the Environment Award of the City of Vienna for an innovative environment-friendly coating system for bridges, industrial plants, and machines.

Mr. Hubert Culik, Managing Director of Rembrandtin Lack GmbH Nfg. KG, said:

“Our company is a reliable partner not only for the industry. We have always been committed to the environment and sustainability. Our product range reflects this – we produce environmentally compatible coating systems and specialize in environmentally friendly technologies such as high solids. On the other hand, we attach great importance to taking action and contribute to a healthy environment also outside our core business. The Energy Efficiency Certificate confirms our efforts and motivates us to continue on this path.“

Federal Minister Andrä Rupprechter and Hannes Leibetseder Head of quality control and energy management at Rembrandtin. Foto: Quelle: BMLFUW